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    The "JP Super Soles, Lda." (Working Safe) recognizes the importance of protecting your personal data. Thus, with the entry into force of the new General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union (EU 2016/679, of 27/04, with Amendment No. 00/2016, of 04/05), Working Safe developed a set of security measures to protect your data, as referred to in our privacy policy.

    This Online Store Privacy Policy, added to the Privacy and Personal Data Policy, serves to explain the policy of processing personal data by JP Super Soles, Lda, since, in order to correctly make your purchase, You will need to accept our privacy policy as it is essential to complete the shipment and delivery of our products.

    However, if you have any questions regarding this Policy, you can contact us via the following email: cs@workingsafeshop.com or by letter addressed to: JP Super Soles, Rua das Lavagueiras Nº309, 4550-536 Pedorido, Aveiro, Portugal.


    1.1. This website and corresponding Privacy Policy are managed by: JP Super Soles, Rua das Lavagueiras Nº309, 4550-536 Pedorido, Aveiro, Portugal.

    1.2. By browsing our website you are consenting to the terms described in this Privacy Policy.


    2.1. Respect for the customer's wishes

    We respect the privacy and security of your personal data, which is why we ensure respect for the customer's wishes and their autonomous, free and uncomplicated management of their privacy preferences. Therefore, if you disagree with any point referred to in this Policy, you may, at any time, object, contacting us via the following email: cs@workingsafeshop.com or by letter addressed to: JP Super Soles, Rua das Lavagueiras Nº309, 4550-536 Pedorido, Aveiro, Portugal. We will do everything in our power to satisfy your wishes and respect your concerns, namely to reconcile the interests of both parties.

    2.2. Good habits

    JP Super Soles, Lda, as the personal data manager, determines the purposes and means by which your personal data are processed, including all applicable security measures. We guarantee that your personal data are processed in Portugal in a correct and lawful manner and in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union (EU 2016/679).

    2.3. Strict need (Use and Data Processing)

    In the treatment of all data that can identify you personally, directly or indirectly, we apply the principle of strict necessity. For this reason, the use of your personal data will always be minimal, so that it does not exceed the original purpose for which they were collected and/or processed.


    3.1. The personal data collected and processed by JP Super Soles, Lda, are only those that you voluntarily, expressly and unequivocally put in the forms on this website and/or email.

    3.2. The personal data collected are: name, gender, date of birth, email, mobile phone, address, VAT number.

    3.3. When accessing the platform, the respective name, gender / gender, date of birth, email, mobile phone, address, VAT number will be collected. The name you adopt will assume your gender.

    3.4. Why do we ask for certain information:

    Name / Age – The name you use in our services is required so that we can provide you with a personal account, with settings and preferences / choices, even according to age.

    Email / mobile phone / Address / VAT number: – The availability of email, mobile phone and address will be necessary for the purposes of the essential contacts and communications between the parties. The VAT number is also essential for the tax treatment and issuance of invoices / receipts, among others.

    Gender / Gender – We process your name by computer, deducting the respective gender, which will be used only for identification purposes, measurements and market analysis. Gender is treated separately from your name and email so that it is no longer assigned to you, without resorting to additional information.


    4.1. Your personal data is collected and processed by JP Super Soles, Lda, only for purposes strictly related to the use of this website, the services provided to this associate and the sale of products, marketing and customer support.

    4.2. JP Super Soles, Lda, always seeks to maintain the relationship with its customer and provide them with the appropriate benefits, information and relevant content related to our Working Safe brand. Your data will only be processed for these legitimate purposes. Never being subsequently treated in a way incompatible with these designs. The data collected and processed are essential and not excessive in relation to these same purposes.

    4.3. However, your personal data can also be used for other processing operations within the limits of such applications. Your personal data may be processed for the following purposes:

    a) when purchasing online, we collect your personal data (such as e-mail address, delivery address, credit card number and telephone number) only for the purpose of selling, preparing and transporting the ordered products for you;

    b) whenever you contact Customer Support, we collect your personal data (such as name, VAT number, email address) solely for the purpose of providing you with the Customer Support services requested by you;

    c) when you register, we collect your personal data (name, VAT number, email address and address) to simplify and speed up the present and future purchase process, always acting under the obligation to use up-to-date and true data;

    d) when you subscribe to our newsletter, we collect your email in order to offer you this specific service;

    e) whenever you use our website, we collect Cookies. Depending on your management of Cookies on our website and your interaction with us, we use some information collected by Cookies in order to ensure proper functioning on the website, highlighting the proper display of content, remembering your cart content, remembering your registration, adjust your screen resolution, to improve our offers, among others. This information includes registration data, location data, duration of your session, products you have selected, your equipment, your browser and your IP address. You can manage consents relating to Cookies in your Client Area of ​​our website. The WORKINGSAFE platform uses Cookies, which are understood as text files that identify the User's device on the WORKINGSAFE server. Thus, the Cookies used do not individually identify the User of the platform and, as such, do not constitute a tool for collecting personal data. The cookies used store the users' preferences, providing them with a faster and more efficient use of the platform. WORKINGSAFE uses session cookies, that is, temporary cookies that remain in the browser's cookie file until the browser leaves the website, so that no record remains on the User's hard drive. The information collected by these cookies is used to analyze traffic patterns on the platform. Ultimately, this allows us to improve the content and improve its usability. The User may choose not to use and correspondingly delete the above-mentioned Cookies, but, in this case, it may happen that the functioning of the Website suffers changes or limitations with regard to its navigation.

    f) when you browse our website and then visit platforms where the advertising format exists (social networks such as Facebook, Google, Twitter or Apple ID, google and other partners of these networks) you may be impacted by ads of our brand. When doing so, you will have to validate access on the network chosen for this purpose. When accessing the platform through one of the pre-defined social networks, the name and email will be collected from the respective profiles. We will also use the data to reach new potential customers who may be interested in our products.

    4.4. When we collect data, we indicate the mandatory fields with asterisks, namely when the data in question is needed to:

    - Enter into our contract with you (for example for the supply of products you purchased from our online store);

    - Provide you with the service you requested (for example by sending a newsletter);

    - Respect legal requirements (for example, issuing billing and accounting documents, which are mandatory to comply with the Tax Laws in force).

    4.5. Your personal data may be communicated to service providers of JP Super Soles, Lda, for the purpose of providing the respective services, as well as to judicial, tax and regulatory authorities, in order to comply with legal issues.

    5. CONSENT

    Respect for the customer's wishes is one of the main concerns of JP Super Soles, Lda, with regard to the treatment of their personal data. Thus, you will be asked to consent to all data processing that is not strictly necessary for the completion of the purpose in question, such as the provision of services and shipment of purchased goods.


    6.1. To exercise your right to access, rectify, erase, forget or block your personal data, you can send a written communication to the following email: cs@workingsafeshop.com or by letter addressed to: JP Super Soles, Rua das Lavagueiras Nº309, 4550-536 Pedorido, Aveiro, Portugal. You can even do it in your customer area in the online store.

    6.2. If you wish to stop receiving direct marketing communications, you may, at any time, exercise your right to object to the processing of your personal data, by managing the consents available in your Customer Area of ​​the online store. You can also do so by sending an email to: cs@workingsafeshop.com or by letter to: JP Super Soles, Rua das Lavagueiras Nº309, 4550-536 Pedorido, Aveiro, Portugal .


    7.1. JP Super Soles, Lda. uses strict and adequate security measures to protect your personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction, accidental loss, alteration, dissemination or unauthorized access and against any other form of treatment illicit. Additionally, we contractually require that trusted external entities that process your personal data for us do the same.

    7.2. However, JP Super Soles, Lda cannot guarantee that the security measures adopted for the protection of this website and for the transmission of data and information through the website will prevent or exclude any risk of unauthorized access or loss of data. Therefore, we strongly advise that your computer is always equipped with software devices that protect it in the transmission and reception of data (such as up-to-date antivirus systems) and that your browser takes the appropriate measures to guarantee the security of data transmission (such as such as firewall and anti-spam filters), it is essential that you carry out the respective updates and use only programs that are certified and licensed in the country where you are located, permanently or temporarily.


    8.1. Your data is kept by JP Super Soles, Lda for the purposes described herein for the time necessary for the aforementioned purposes, except when the personal data are necessary to prove compliance with conventional or legal obligations, until the limitation period of the corresponding rights or even if there is a longer period of data retention imposed by law.

    8.2. When your personal data is not required, it will be removed from our systems and records or kept anonymously so that you cannot be identified from them.

  • Privacy Policy and Personal Data WORKINGSAFE

    Within the scope of our WORKINGSAFE platform, the entity responsible for data processing is:
    JP Super Soles Lda, Rua das Lavagueiras Nº309,
    4550-536 Pedorido, Aveiro, Portugal
    Our services have mandatory minimum age requirements.
    When accessing our platform, you must confirm that you have the legal minimum age in the country where you are located.
    If you don't have the mandatory minimum age, don't continue.
    WORKINGSAFE gives you the possibility of having, on the same platform, access to our services, available products and their specifications.
    Our platform works with registration of your personal data.
    If you do not wish to provide your data and proceed with your registration, do not continue.
    We offer a service specially designed for you.
    You can trust us with your personal data. We understand and respect the responsibility you place on us.
    Our privacy policy helps you to understand the type of data we collect, why we do so and how you can update and delete your data.
    Know the type of personal data we collect:
    When accessing the platform, the name and email will be collected from the respective profiles.
    Why do we ask for certain information:
    The name you use on our services is required for us to provide you with an account and personal treatment, including settings and preferences.
    The availability of the email will be necessary for the purposes of verification and necessary contacts within the scope of expediting and processing orders.
    It is important for us to understand that our interests are real, current and legitimate:
    WORKINGSAFE highly values ​​the relationship it maintains with you and likes to provide you with the best services and assistance.
    The data that we collect (see above) does not belong to the category of special data, nor is there any special sensitivity regarding its collection. And our platform is only for over 18s. Make sure that when using our services, you meet the requirements imposed and have conditions to use the services.
    Remember that your identity is not sent to anyone and we only match your gender with your preferences.
    Please understand that we have made a correct balance of interests.
    We also adopt the following measures:
    - Data minimization;
    - Data partition;
    - Encryption;
    - Use of logical access controls;
    - Use of physical access controls;
    - Constant supervision of computer servers, in order to reduce the chances of attack or vulnerability;
    - Assignment of access rights and privilege in a restricted and controlled way;
    - Restriction of access to information based on the strict principle of necessity.
    - Effective contracts with subcontractors.
    - Online data storage system.

    As a result, you can trust that the aspects of the system related to private life have been well designed and the guarantees that have been put in place ensure that our legitimate interests do not prevail over their interests or the right to respect for their private life.
    The legitimate interests of WORKINGSAFE in the collection and processing of your data will not prevail, however, in view of the possibility that you have to exercise your right of opposition, under the terms of the law.
    WORKINGSAFE also gives you the possibility to prevent, for the future and without giving any justification, the processing of all your personal data.
    We want you to take control of your personal data. You can review and control the information stored on your profile page.
    We retain the data we collect only for the entire period that you have your platform active.
    You can delete all or some of your data whenever you want. You can also delete any preferences saved in your account.
    Remember that when deleting the data relating directly to your account (name and email), all data collected up to that date will no longer allow the identification of its holder. Thus, your account will be deleted, with all your preferences, visit history and views and cannot be reactivated. Your data will be anonymized automatically upon deletion of your account.
    You can access your account information at any time by sending us an email to cs@workingsafeshop.com requesting the submission of the personal data portability request form which, after being completed, must be printed, signed and sent to our address along with a legible and full copy of your personal identification document. The data owner assumes full responsibility for the use that may be made of the file after it has been downloaded, and WORKINGSAFE is not responsible for any misuse of the data contained therein.
    Remember that you have the right to file a complaint with the CNPD – National Commission for Data Protection on any issue of protection of your personal data. Before eventually doing so, we suggest that you contact us in order to make all the necessary and useful explanations.