4 tips to eliminate odor from work shoes

05 September 2022

4 tips to eliminate odor from work shoes

4 tips to eliminate odor from work shoes

Do you struggle in keeping your Occupational Footwear smelling good? In this post we will give you some tips to keep your clogs fresh.

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life and stress, it is normal for the body to perspire and feet are no exception! It is necessary to maintain some care so that the footwear maintains its quality.

But what can I do? Pay attention to these tips.

Wash your clogs frequently

As it is used daily, it must be washed regularly so that you can keep them sparkling. All of our products are machine washable, just check the maximum temperatures on your model's product page. Then just wipe it with a dry cloth or let it dry at room temperature and you'll have your clogs ready for more adventures. Find your´s here: https://www.workingsafeshop.com/en/products/shop-by-category/clogs_215-200.html

Switch shoes

Another alternative is not to wear the same shoes over and over again. We advise you to have two pairs of clogs so that you can alternate between days. This way you are preventing the emergence of bacteria, fungi and other problems. Not forgetting that the repeated use of the same pair can harm your health as well as the lifespan of the footwear itself.

Let the clogs catch air

At the end of the working day, you should let your shoes air out before putting them in the shoe rack. This will help the clogs to release odors and eliminate the perspiration manifested by their repeated use in everyday life.

Lemon scented clogs

To help eliminate shoe odor, Working Safe has developed clogs with a slight and pleasant lemon scent. The citrus freshness will be your best friend and you will never feel discomfort due to the smell left by the perspiration of your feet. Discover all available colors at: https://www.workingsafeshop.com/en/clogs/clogs-safeclog_p38.html?id=215&cat=200&pc=1

Written by Patricia Silva

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