Double comfort!

16 March 2023

Double comfort!

Double comfort!

New of this month are the amazing Safety Strips.

Did you know that clogs are extremely important in sectors such as health, food and cleaning? As it is a footwear that requires many specifications, it must meet all the characteristics to ensure the protection and comfort of all professionals. Discover the news that Working Safe has prepared for you!

In order to improve the comfort, safety and stability of our customers, safety straps were launched. They are a fundamental element that contribute to the absence of falls or even more serious accidents. To feel more comfortable, the straps are made of a super resistant and soft material.

The Safety Straps are super easy to use and can be easily adjusted to fit your footwear size. In addition, they are available in several colors allowing our customers to make the color combinations they want to give a special touch to their everyday look.

When you order this accessory includes, 2 safety straps, 8 pressure pins and a guide on how to put the straps on the clogs, which describes all the steps that must be followed to attach the straps to the clog.

With this new launch, we believe that we are helping and improving the safety and comfort of those who use this type of occupational footwear. Improve your workday with Working Safe.

Stay tuned for our next news and releases so you can enjoy a more comfortable and safe life.

Written by Patricia Silva

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