Comfort Insole vs Ergonomic Insole

18 November 2022

Comfort Insole vs Ergonomic Insole

Comfort Insole vs Ergonomic Insole

Did you know that you can fight back pain with the use of quality insoles? People who walk a lot and are in constant movement need comfortable footwear so as not to harm their health. Comfort is the premise for a happy day!

In order to provide you with well-being and comfort, Working Safe has developed both the Comfort and Ergonomic Insole.

We will clarify their differences to see which one best suits your needs. Both are lined with a microfiber that helps in waterproofing and keeping your feet dry.

Ergonomics insole

The Ergonomic Insole is the one that is included in the purchase of Comfort Safeclog. It is an insole with a more pronounced hardness. It helps to improve posture and regulate blood circulation due to the composition of its material.

This model has antistatic properties that release the static electricity present in the body so as not to cause damage in contact with other surfaces.

Discover everything here:

Comfort Insole

This insole is everything its name says: Comfort. Made of a softer material to provide greater comfort in use.

It also has antistatic properties like the previous insole. It can only be used with the Comfort Safeclog to replace the Ergonomic Insole.

With the Comfort Insole you'll feel like you're walking on clouds! See all the properties here:

Written by Patrícia Silva

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