Ideal footwear for nurses

12 October 2021

Ideal footwear for nurses

Ideal footwear for nurses
We know that work of health professionals is present 24 hours a day, and therefore, their daily rhythm is lived with great intensity, causing enormous wear.

In addition, these professionals are subject to various risks that end up putting their own health at risk. They are exposed to biological fluids, with potential for acquiring diseases, chemical substances, mechanical and physiological risks, generated by the number of hours standing, posture, handling weights, among other circumstances.

As a result, Working Safe has developed adapted and safe footwear so that these professionals can have more comfort and safety in their work.

For those successive shifts with little time to breathe, it is essential to find the shoes that give you the greatest comfort for a long day at work. In addition, footwear must have non-slip and waterproof properties to reduce the likelihood of slipping and dangerous falls.

For this, we recommend the Safeclog and Safeclog PU 01 which, in addition to being surprisingly light, have antistatic features to protect you from possible electrical shock.

As this is a type of profession that is exposed to bacteria and microbes, these clogs can be machine washed and in the case of Safeclog even sterilized in an autoclave.

We have a range of colors for all tastes, just choose!

Written by Patricia Silva

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