8 reasons to buy occupational footwear at Working Safe

12 October 2021

8 reasons to buy occupational footwear at Working Safe

8 reasons to buy occupational footwear at Working Safe

Do you come to the end of the working day with back pain and tired feet? We have the solution! Today we present 8 reasons to shop at Working Safe and end these problems.

1. Comfortable shoes for all day
Comfort and quality are two of the main attributes that are reflected in our products. By wearing comfortable shoes, posture, stress and other difficulties will be overcome.
To ensure good health for your feet and body, it is essential to wear shoes that have an efficient impact absorption system so that you feel comfortable walking.

2. Why is it important to have shoes with antistatic properties?
Some business areas are exposed to electrical hazards, and with the use of Working Safe shoes you no longer need to worry about it. All of our branded products have anti-static properties that help to decimate the build-up of static electricity in the body, protecting it from electrical shock.

3. Dirt free
Our products are prepared to be machine washed or even sterilized (Safeclog). That way you won't have to worry about bacteria, microbes and dirt resulting from your work.

4. How to protect yourself from falls and slips?
To prevent falls and slips, Working Safe has developed SafeGrip technology which has a better grip on the ground to absorb impact. Do not forget the fundamental criteria for technical footwear at work, as they are important for your protection.

5. Safety at work
Safety is above all and Working Safe gives you just that. Our products have been subjected to several tests in order to understand if the shoes have the capacity to protect you against various dangers.

6. Walk on clouds
Heavy shoes is one of the biggest reasons for discomfort at work. So that your health is not harmed, Working Safe produces light and comfortable work shoes.

7. Waterproofness
SafeWaterproof technology allows your foot to be dry and comfortable, even in wet environments. The insole features a microfiber that absorbs all liquids without leaving the foot wet.

8. Choose products produced in Portugal
Buying products made in Portugal not only helps to reduce transport costs, but also contributes to the growth of the Portuguese and European economy.

Written by Patricia Silva

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