Did you know that Working Safe products are laboratory tested?

19 October 2022

Did you know that Working Safe products are laboratory tested?

Did you know that Working Safe products are laboratory tested?

It's realy true! Working Safe ensures that the products are of the best quality to provide you with a great everyday experience.

Occupational Footwear plays a crucial role, they are part of the personal protective equipment that helps to avoid injuries and risks at work. They have the responsibility to provide you with safety, comfort and health. And that's what Working Safe was developed for!

To ensure your protection is not compromised, we test all products in-house. In addition to the tests carried out in certified companies, the brand has an internal laboratory where it carries out the following tests:

1. Antistatic: This test consists of measuring the electrostatic energy dissipation capacity of the footwear. With this, footwear has the ability to safely dissipate the electrical charges present in the body and not cause damage to other surfaces. So you no longer have to worry about electric shocks!

2. Abrasion: the sole's main function is to separate the foot from the ground. In this context, it is necessary to carry out an abrasion test to determine the useful life of the product, depending on certain floors that the footwear can pass without showing much wear.

3. Flexion: The number of steps that the shoe takes is also a test that deserves attention. Professionals take a lot of steps throughout the day. Thus, it is necessary that the footwear be adapted to these circumstances.

Written by Patricia Silva

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