Do you already have your PPE?

20 December 2022

Do you already have your PPE?

Do you already have your PPE?

Don't be scared! PPE is not a virus. He's one of your best friends, believe me!

Every day, many employees are exposed to various risks at work. One of the ways to prevent these accidents and threats is the use of PPE during the exercise of the profession.

But what does PPE mean?

PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment. As the name suggests, it is equipment that protects workers from possible threats and risks during work. They are able to prevent most accidents at work and occupational diseases. It is important that you use it in your job to always be safe!

Still don't have your PPE? At Working Safe you will find the perfect one for you. The design of our clogs is appropriate to maximize impact absorption and minimize the appearance of injuries. They are antislip, anti-static and waterproof. All this without compromising comfort.

Amazing isn't it? With our clogs you will always be protected. Your safety is the premise of our brand. We care about your health!

Visit our website and find your best friend at

Written by Patricia Silva

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