Female work footwear

12 October 2021

Female work footwear

Female work footwear

As the time goes by, there`s a greater number of female professionals in the health area, which mirrored a market failure as they were unable to respond to the existence of more diversified occupational footwear for all tastes.

Choosing a suitable footwear for work is one of the most important decisions for a safe and comfortable quality in the exercise of the activity.

It`s essential not to forget the properties of the product which are very important for a safe and pleasant workday.

Thanks to the increased demand for occupational footwear, companies started to produce in several styles, several colors, several particularities that help the customer not have to choose elegance or comfort and safety.

Stylish and safe footwear
The colors that most exist in the market correspond to a chromatic palette without grace and without personality. Therefore, Working Safe wanted to bring to the user, more lively shoes with colors that enhance all walking.

Safeclog is a clog that has a wide variety of colors that match those used in hospitals, clinics, wellness salons and other establishments, but with the particularity of being more cheerful and eccentric. It is a very light material, with waterproof, antistatic, non-slip properties and can be sterilized to get rid of bacteria, microbes and dirt.

In our product list you will find a variety of women's shoes that suit the various business areas and your style.

If, when searching for the ideal footwear for your area of work on our website, you have any questions, please get in touch with our team, we are happy to help you.

Written by Patricia Silva

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