Footwear for dentists

18 February 2022

Footwear for dentists

Footwear for dentists

It is not only in hospitals that attention should be paid to the footwear used. The work in clinics is also incredibly demanding. Spending the day in constant movement, from patient to patient, requires a lot of physical effort, which is why it is so important to have professional footwear that provides maximum comfort.

Dental assistants perform various tasks, from scheduling and helping with appointments to sterilizing materials. Unfortunately, professionals in this area suffer from feet and back pain, resulting from the use of unappropriate footwear for their activity.

At Working Safe we ​​help to addressing these problems! When there is comfort, well-being and security, the days become more pleasant and satisfying.

We recommend footwear with a soft insole to massage your foot while you work. Light clogs are a key feature to keep your legs from tiring and weighing you down while walking. Our model Comfort Safeclog PU 01 is perfect for putting an end to those discomforts. Check all benefits here

As dentist face circumstances involving liquids and substances that shouldn´t have contact with the skin, waterproof footwear is highly recommended.  All WS clogs have this feature present.

Dentists and assistants work with a variety of materials that are sharp and can cause injury. That's why it's important not to forget to use footwear that is made from resistant materials.

In addition to all these precautions, you should have footwear that you feel comfortable with, safe and confident in to make your working day easier. And you know what? At Working Safe you will find footwear that fulfill all these characteristics will add a twist to your work uniform

Written by Patricia Silva

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