Goodbye to tired feet!

21 July 2022

Goodbye to tired feet!

Goodbye to tired feet!

Working with tired feet and feeling discomfort is really a nuisance, isn't it? We promise this will never happen again!

The feet are the limbs that support the entire weight of the human body. For this reason, during the development of Occupational Footwear, attention must be paid to their quality. For those who work in a busy environment or spend many hours standing, it is essential to use footwear that is adapted and comfortable for these circumstances.

With this thought in mind, Working Safe developed the Comfort Safeclog to help all professionals have a lighter and more comfortable shift. This model is one of the most beloved. Not only does it help to eliminate muscle pain in the legs and feet, but it also improves body posture that can be harmed by the amount of work and wearing shoes that are too loose. All this achieved due to the combination of clog plus insole.

This insole is perfect because it reduces fatigue. While helping to moderate muscle cramps. Effective in preventing injuries and reducing the load on the legs, especially when walking.

Comfort Safeclog is designed to provide the best comfort and safety while standing. In addition, this model can be used in any work environment.

Find all available colors here:

Written by Patricia Silva

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