Guide to Buying Hospital and Nursing Footwear

16 December 2021

Guide to Buying Hospital and Nursing Footwear

Guide to Buying Hospital and Nursing Footwear

In the field of healthcare, choosing the ideal footwear for your job is a very important task. If you're from this professional area and still haven't found out the perfect pair of shoes, then you've come to the right place! When you are done reading this article you will find out which clogs fit you perfectly.

Every day is a discovery, nursing professionals spend a lot of time on their feet to take care of patients and sometimes difficult circumstances can arise in which they need to be prepared to deal with these types of situations. But how do you know which is the perfect shoe for your needs?

Sometimes, choosing the wrong shoe can have consequences on the performance of the professional function or even health problems for the professional. It's a must to take care of yourself!

A very important question is to find out from the entity where you work if there is any standard regarding the footwear used at work. Sometimes there are restrictions on color, in which health institutions suggest that the shoes must match the color of the uniform (green or blue), but nothing that Working Safe cannot help you!

As it is a profession that deals with numerous substances and is in daily contact with microbes and bacteria, it is important that professional footwear is sterilizable/washable, which won’t allow the transmission of bacteria to patients.

The comfort of your feet is essential for a pleasant working day. With comfortable occupational shoes, your posture, stress, leg fatigue and body aches will be overcome. Don't forget that lightweight clogs are also very important, as they facilitate your movements and help you carry out your work, and wearing heavy footwear will only make you feel discomfort in your day-to-day. Ensure good health for your feet!

In hospitals and clinics there are equipment that have electricity and, if not taken care of, they can cause damage. Therefore, your professional footwear should have anti-static properties to help decimate the accumulation of static electricity in the body while you are in contact with these machines. Thus, you protect yourself and everyone around you.

Controlling your feet’s temperature and humidity is essential. Hospital and nursing shoes that allow your feet to breathe are perfect for your job.

Doctors, pharmacists, nurses and healthcare assistants spend a large part of their working day in constant motion and therefore you need shoes that provide you with comfort and safety throughout the day. Antislip shoes offer greater protection, preventing falls on wet and slippery floors.

Now that you know the characteristics that your work shoes should have, visit our “Hospital Shoes” and “Nursing Shoes” page and you'll find the ideal pair for you!

Written by Patricia Silva

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