How do I know what my clog size?

22 June 2022

How do I know what my clog size?

How do I know what my clog size?

Would you like to order some Working Safe clogs but don't know your size? We help! In this post you will find out which size is right for you!

One of the starting points is to choose which model you want to purchase. Size measurements change depending on clog models. We currently have 3 shoe models available on our website: Safeclog, Classic Safeclog and Comfort Safeclog.

See all our products here:

After deciding which product you want to buy, you need to know your foot measurements, so you can consult our Size Guide that corresponds to your measurements.

But how to measure? Too easy!

You will need a white sheet of paper, tape, a pencil and a tape measure. Fix the sheet on the floor with the adhesive tape so that it does not move while the process takes place. Then, place the bare foot perpendicular to the sheet and outline around it with the pencil, so that in the end the silhouette of the foot is drawn on the sheet.

Now is the time to measure! Take the tape measure and determine the length of the foot, from the base to the top of the contour. Do the same thing for the width. Don't forget to write down the measurements in centimeters (cm).

Finally, consult the Size Guide (which is on the product pages next to the sizes) that corresponds to your foot measurements and complete the order.

Don’t worry! We have free exchanges and returns.

If you have questions, contact us via email or via our social networks.

Written by Patricia Silva

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