Safeclog Comfort

13 January 2022

Safeclog Comfort

Safeclog Comfort

Still haven't found the perfect footwear for your professional activity? We present the Safeclog Comfort, the most comfortable clog you can find on the market.

Hospital floors are regularly cleaned and no one wants to run the risk of slipping or tripping when walking between different sectors, safe footwear is essential. By wearing safe footwear with non slip properties this is not a problem. This model has an appropriate design to maximize impact absorption and minimize the appearance of injuries. Super light clogs for everyone with an active life and for professionals who need  light footwear.

Who doesn't love comfortable shoes?

Safeclog Comfort helps to eliminate muscle pain, improve posture and establish good foot ergonomics. This model has antistatic properties that release the static electricity present in the body so as not to cause damage in contact with other surfaces.

This model has a comfort insole which is made from a high quality material for those who spend many hours on their feet. This model was designed to provide the best comfort and safety at work. Due to its flexibility, it helps a greater well-being when walking.

Walking with wet feet is an uncomfortable feeling, isn't it? With Safeclog Comfort that will never happen again. The clog is madeof a waterproof material that does not let liquids pass through the clog. The insole plays a key role in this particularity, as it absorbs liquids allowing your feet to stay dry when they come into contact with fluids.

Whatever your shift might be, this model is perfect for you! It is easy to wear, wash and transport. 100% Portuguese products!

Discover the range of colors we have available for this model at

Written by Patricia Silva

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