SafeGrip, do you know what it is?

20 July 2022

SafeGrip, do you know what it is?

SafeGrip, do you know what it is?

Do you need shoes that make you feel protected and confident while working? You're in the right place! Introducing you to SafeGrip Technology, the technique that reduces falls on wet and slippery floors. We live to provide you with security and comfort.

But what does it mean?

We know that hospital and clinical environments are constantly being cleaned in your day-to-day. In addition, they responsible for very important substances. For this, it is necessary to use footwear adapted to these circumstances.

For professionals working in the kitchen, having non-slip footwear is essential. This activity is most likely to occur on slippery floors that can cause several hazards, isn't it?

With this principle of offering protection, we created SafeGrip Technology. This technology consists on expelling the liquids so that they do not get stuck in the grooves of the sole. All our clogs have a unique design on the sole. Our clogs feature slip resistance in wet environments and excellent non-slip performance.

With our products you don't have to worry about that, with Working Safe you are safe and comfortable for your working day. Check all their features here.

Written by Patricia Silva

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