Safely feed the world with Working Safe!

05 June 2023

Safely feed the world with Working Safe!

Safely feed the world with Working Safe!

This week, June 7th, we celebrate World Food Safety Day!

At Working Safe, we are committed to promoting food safety and health. In today's post, we want to highlight the importance of this fundamental theme in our lives and how it relates to our incredible clogs.

Our products are designed to ensure that professionals and culinary enthusiasts have the right footwear. We know that food safety is a global concern and we are proud to offer the solutions to help you keep food and your workplace safe and healthy.

But what is the importance of having good #workingsafe shoes?

  1. Security: we strive daily to provide the necessary protection for our customers. For workers in this area, it is essential to have non-slip footwear to eliminate the risk of falls and injuries. All of our clogs have a unique design on the sole to prevent this type of happening.
  2. Hygiene: the ease of cleaning the clogs is essential when selecting footwear for the activity. Working Safe clogs are machine washable and ready to wear. Thus, the risk of cross-contamination is reduced and the environment will always be clean and safe.
  3. Comfort: kitchen professionals spend many hours on their feet and always moving from one side to the other. Our products offer foot support, cushioning and stability, which contributes to comfort throughout the job. You can see all our products dedicated to the kitchen and hospitality industry at:
  4. Durability:  Quality clogs are designed to withstand the daily wear and tear of the kitchen. They are produced with durable and high quality materials, guaranteeing a longer useful life for the product, responding to the demanding conditions of the environment.

Together, we can promote food security and ensure everyone has access to healthy, risk-free meals. Food security is everyone's responsibility. Use the Working Safe clogs and share with us on social media.

All our products are available at

Written by Patricia Silva

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