5 mistakes that affect our spine

20 April 2022

5 mistakes that affect our spine

5 mistakes that affect our spine

Back pain is often caused by incorrect habits in our daily lives that, if not corrected, can cause more delicate problems for our health.

To prevent these complications we have to correct some practices of our daily customs. To help you, we indicate 5 mistakes that can harm the spine. Check which ones are part of your routine and turn them into good habits:

1. Bad posture in front of the computer

For those who work in offices this is one of the biggest challenges. After several hours of sitting in the same place, we just want to be comfortable. But the truth is that the most comfortable positions are those in which we have our backs bent or even leaning over our computers.

The straight spine and leaning against the back of the chair, the feet flat on the floor are fundamental ingredients for a correct posture at the desk. Not forgetting that the computer's position must be in line with the eyes so that there is no temptation to bend the spine.

2. Sitting for many hours at a time

If the profession requires us to be seated for several hours, it is difficult to be active and on the move during the day. But we have to compensate for this sedentary lifestyle with breaks throughout the day.

As most of the time is spent sitting, we must get up periodically, because when we are sitting for a long time, it not only affects the spine but also hinders the blood circulation process.

Every hour, get up and walk a little, even if it is to go to the printer to collect documents, wash your hands or other activities that you consider necessary for your work.

3. Footwear without stability

When we wear the wrong shoes, there is discomfort, imbalance and even pain. The choice of footwear is essential for balance, since it is the feet that support the entire body weight. When you don't wear shoes with a stable base, it ends up causing problems with your spine, as there is no support for your entire body weight.

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4. Incorrect posture

The adoption of an incorrect posture mainly affects people who spend a lot of time sitting and carry a lot of weight on their back daily (eg backpacks, suitcases) that end up causing pain and fatigue.

Therefore, implementing proper posture is essential to prevent spine problems, which will worsen over time if not corrected.

5. Wrong physical exercise practice

We all know that physical exercise is important for a healthy lifestyle. But even more important is the way it is done.

Training must be adapted to the person's physical state and resistance, so that there are no injuries that harm health. The spine is one of the pillars of the human body that if not treated with care can cause serious problems.

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